Kings and Carrots

A creative collaboration. Ace & Tate + The Gourmand Journal.
In celebration of King's Day.

Beta-Carotene, a red-orange pigment found in orange foods and plants, contains Vitamin A, which is essential to healthy maintenance of the immune system and of vision. This led us to focus on orange carrots, reputed to have originated from the Netherlands in the 1500’s.

It is considered that Dutch growers developed the orange carrot by selective breeding, and then it was adopted as the Royal vegetable in honour of the House of Orange. A popular myth is that Dutch farmers bred the orange carrots as a tribute to William I of Orange during the fight for independence.

The image created for Ace & Tate was directed by The Gourmand and features our specially created frame. Our modern day tribute.

The Gourmand is inspired by the multiple meanings associated with food across continents, and particularly by the exciting cultural shift that has taken place around producing, cooking, and eating over the past few decades. Discover more about The Gourmand.

Art Direction – The Gourmand
Photographer – Baker & Evans
Stylist – Sarah Parker

The frames featured are Jack in Caramel Havana, with a special edition orange tinted lens that are not for retail sale.

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